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URFlash AVDA (Audio/Video Data Authoring).AVDA tech on URFlash drives ensures playback across multiple platforms. devices authored with AVDA play on any media playback device/system with a USB port made in the last 8-10 years.

Smart TV’s & Blu-Ray players, cross platform computers as well as gaming platforms not to mention Car Audio and smartphones.

-A Business Card Style 4G Branded USB with Album Art on the USB itself.
-Deluxe Track listing: Includes all the extra songs on the deluxe cd in WAV and MP3 forms including Paralyzed, (Acoustic) Fix This and Generation Idiot (Live)
-Album artwork and variants: A digital copy of the album art which includes all lyrics, credits and imagery.
-Variant artwork
-Music Videos: High-Def Videos
-Digital Posters: 10 High-Def digital posters of the band.
-Shots of the band and video from the studio