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Fearless Rotoscope Deluxe Vinyl LP

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Recorded at Universal’s studio in Toronto with producer David Bottrill (Rush, Muse, Tool, Mastodon) Fearless came together over a six-month period, in short, intense bursts between tours. It’s an unashamedly rich, ambitious work – in an era of quick fixes and clickbait. And yet it’s not a ‘hard’ listen. Rather than clobber its audience with complexity, Fearless creates a world you want to spend time in. Lavish epics married with concise pop song ideals. Sonic landscapes imbued with feeling and focus, each one flowing into the next.

Fearless is also a record of contrasts. Dynamic textures. Nine tapestries of tone, where atmospheric swathes morph into strident guitars, dextrous polyrhythms and gnarly basslines – Bowles’ strange, beautiful tenor soaring over the top like a bird over a mythological land. Light and dark. Mist and thunder.

The deluxe LP features a beautiful exclusive colour with an ‘animated’ Zoetrope side D in the package.

1. Starlifter: Fearless Pt. II
2. Dreamer Of The Dawn
3. The Shadow
4. Right Way Back
5. Context: Fearless Pt. I
6. Reflections
7. Penny
8. Lady Of The Lake
9. Citadel

Album Releases on March 31st

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