Lanterns Mega

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Lanterns Mega

This Bundle Includes:
Lanterns CD

Lanterns Gold Vinyl 2xLP

Full Album Digital Download sent via email on the release date

Lanterns Album Logo Black T-Shirt

Lanterns Album Logo Black/White Baseball T-Shirt

Lanterns Maroon T-Shirt

Lanterns Crest Black T-Shirt

Lanterns Crest Black Zip-Up Sweatshirt

Custom 3x5 Flag

Album Release Date Is September 29th 2017

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  1. Death Eater
  2. Wars To Walk Away From
  3. Better To Burn
  4. Damaged Under Sun
  5. Sea And Smoke
  6. Where Revenge Ends
  7. Sleepsick
  8. Bandage For Promise
  9. Laying Hands
  10. Below the Graves
  11. Old Gold
  12. Dark Corners
  13. Death Eater
  14. Wars To Walk Away From
  15. Better To Burn
  16. Damaged Under Sun
  17. Sea And Smoke
  18. Where Revenge Ends
  19. Sleepsick
  20. Bandage For Promise
  21. Laying Hands
  22. Below the Graves
  23. Old Gold
  24. Dark Corners

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